214 Commits (main)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  RemixDev a105b03beb
v3.6.10 4 weeks ago
  RemixDev c85283d867
added %aritsts% for album template 4 weeks ago
  RemixDev 8dffb3e385
Remove possible doublespace while using %feataritsts% and %explicit% 4 weeks ago
  RemixDev 743d247e9a
renamed allartists tagsartists 4 weeks ago
  RemixDev 69c3076899
Auto refresh spotify access token when expired 4 weeks ago
  RemixDev faec1c1a02
Remove redundant data.uuid in executeCommand log 4 weeks ago
  RemixDev e8be9186ea Merge pull request 'Wait for executeCommand to finish' (#9) from kermit/deemix-js:sync-executecommand into main 4 weeks ago
  kermit d07778417d Wait for executeCommand to finish 3 months ago
  RemixDev 8dd0e9d314
v3.6.9 2 months ago
  RemixDev 82d975ba91
Workaround for streams timeouts working awfully 2 months ago
  RemixDev 519bd2f764
v3.6.8 2 months ago
  RemixDev 62dee0c61d
Fixed download hanging with slow internet connections 2 months ago
  RemixDev 58bd92bc30
v3.6.7 4 months ago
  RemixDev bf2c8b5cfb
Fixed LinkNotRecognized is not a constructor 4 months ago
  RemixDev 7bb91b382c
v3.6.6 6 months ago
  RemixDev ba492a329b
Fixed file not found issue in CreateSearchedLog on singles 6 months ago
  RemixDev a82b674cb3
added error logging after download 6 months ago
  RemixDev a68af85f2e
v3.6.5 6 months ago
  RemixDev 134077fcdb
fixed download for 360RA files 6 months ago
  RemixDev 2bb03c2f50
Updated yarn.lock 6 months ago
  RemixDev 5c81a56d11 v3.6.4 6 months ago
  RemixDev 43c6165f18 fixed changeCase for strings with trailing whitespace 6 months ago
  RemixDev 2e30a59a8f renamed localTrack prop to local 6 months ago
  RemixDev d561b26c98 fixed feat removal issue 6 months ago
  RemixDev baad2d0d67
v3.6.3 6 months ago
  RemixDev a8d4b73538 fixed changeCase with one char bracket 6 months ago
  RemixDev f2299ab560
v3.6.2 6 months ago
  RemixDev 30dd9185bf
Fixed default data missing 6 months ago
  RemixDev 632a60983a
v3.6.1 6 months ago
  RemixDev 9a4d424213
Added check for wrongLicense 6 months ago
  RemixDev 3d2965d0f6
quick fixes and code cleanup 6 months ago
  RemixDev c70898c5d0
v3.6.0 6 months ago
  RemixDev 14b0798f51
updated deezer-py to 1.3.0 6 months ago
  RemixDev 47092d77b6
Added fallbackISRC option 6 months ago
  RemixDev da04a94191
Fixed possible track_token expiration issues 6 months ago
  RemixDev 2d58f931b2
Updated spotify plugin to work with new system 6 months ago
  RemixDev ffba5ae7bb
Updated getPreferredBitrate and added feelingLucky option 6 months ago
  RemixDev f7710975c2
fixed album parsing art_pic error 6 months ago
  RemixDev e31a32e9c4
Removed distinction between api and api_gw 6 months ago
  RemixDev db67883f90
implemented album fallback 6 months ago
  RemixDev c978e9a74c
fixed deezer helper 6 months ago
  RemixDev 52dcad11a8
v3.5.7 6 months ago
  RemixDev 5f4d8c9d86
renamed spotify/settings.json into spotify/config.json 6 months ago
  RemixDev 9400b0855b
try catch loading spotify cache 6 months ago
  RemixDev 7930ecbc95
try catch getting music folder from reg registry 6 months ago
  RemixDev 8e6c7c1c93
Fixed downloaded log message having extra space 6 months ago
  RemixDev 82ea858128
Fixed artist casing option not working 6 months ago
  RemixDev d3b7c2c5cd
Fixed playlistID mistype 6 months ago
  RemixDev 5e95d245cf
Made ARTISTS tag optional 6 months ago
  RemixDev 3309a04bc9
Updated default settings 6 months ago