675 Commits (main)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  RemixDev 5f978acec7
v3.6.6 1 week ago
  RemixDev 9162b764e7
fixed dot notation in fallbackISRC 1 week ago
  RemixDev fc9a205662
added error logging after download 1 week ago
  RemixDev 203ec1f10f
v3.6.5 2 weeks ago
  RemixDev b524172d5a
fixed download for 360RA files 2 weeks ago
  RemixDev 463289ac46 Merge pull request 'Handle None values in track parser' (#33) from omtinez/deemix-py:main into main 2 weeks ago
  omtinez 7fe430b77f Merge pull request 'Rebase with upstream' (#1) from RemixDev/deemix-py:main into main 2 weeks ago
  RemixDev 27219d0698 fixed changeCase for strings with trailing whitespace 2 weeks ago
  RemixDev 1863557f49 fixed feat removal issue 2 weeks ago
  RemixDev b983712086 v3.6.4 3 weeks ago
  RemixDev 3aa1389eed fixed album art not downloading 3 weeks ago
  omtinez a5f4235128 Handle None values in track parser 3 weeks ago
  RemixDev 724a7affa6
v3.6.3 3 weeks ago
  RemixDev 9e992af9c1
stop creating .cache files wherever the script is run 3 weeks ago
  RemixDev e77791fe69
fixed AttributeError when downloading single 3 weeks ago
  RemixDev 0c4db05db1
fixed KeyError issue when downloading single 3 weeks ago
  RemixDev 5107bde5c9
v3.6.2 3 weeks ago
  RemixDev 32a31d8842
fixed mistype 3 weeks ago
  RemixDev e94a3ab28f
v3.6.1 4 weeks ago
  RemixDev 9f9433d205
Fixed default data missing 4 weeks ago
  RemixDev 5d44c971f7
v3.6.0 4 weeks ago
  RemixDev eb84a392ba
fixed issues from version parity 4 weeks ago
  RemixDev 6b41e6cb0a
version parity 4 weeks ago
  RemixDev ef3c9fbf57
fixed deezer helper 4 weeks ago
  RemixDev 55383332f8
v3.5.7 4 weeks ago
  RemixDev add5158022
renamed spotify/settings.json into spotify/config.json 4 weeks ago
  RemixDev 5ec49663e3
try catch loading spotify cache 4 weeks ago
  RemixDev 6a6ec400db
try catch getting music folder from reg registry 4 weeks ago
  RemixDev 8be934fb42
Fixed conversion logging 4 weeks ago
  RemixDev 13efa2bc90
Fixed encoding issues 4 weeks ago
  RemixDev 133314f481
Fixed playlistID mistype 1 month ago
  RemixDev 09511fb379
Add more cases for feat. removal 1 month ago
  RemixDev 7f1eb0c500
Made ARTISTS tag optional 1 month ago
  RemixDev ed22a396c8
Updated default settings 1 month ago
  RemixDev 9906043b31
v3.5.5 3 months ago
  RemixDev 3b0763eeb1
Handle settings corruption issue 3 months ago
  RemixDev 7e6202b7f0
Made downloadObject optional in streamTrack 3 months ago
  RemixDev 54374c87e2
Fix append (not push) on list 3 months ago
  RemixDev ce98393683
Don't save BPM to tags if not found 4 months ago
  RemixDev d2e0450ace v.3.5.3 4 months ago
  RemixDev 0907586e0d Merge pull request 'Remove language arg to match change in deezer-py 1.2.3' (#27) from digitalec/deemix-py:main into main 4 months ago
  digitalec bb8bb1b4c4 Remove language arg to match change in deezer-py 1.2.3 4 months ago
  RemixDev 45910742c2 v3.5.2 4 months ago
  RemixDev 09857b1247 Fixed BAD STARTING SYNC issue when downloading some MP3s 4 months ago
  RemixDev 93fa5fd8a1 Updated deezer-py lib version 4 months ago
  RemixDev 114ce94148 v3.5.1 4 months ago
  RemixDev b9da32b2a2 Fixed strip position 4 months ago
  RemixDev a4b707bd88
v3.5.0 4 months ago
  RemixDev 58f2b875fa
Made spotipy an optional dependency 4 months ago
  RemixDev c2b19eef33 Fixed #23 4 months ago