Freezer for Android.
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Free, unlimited, without DRM music streaming app, which uses Deezer as backend. This app is still in BETA, so it is missing features and contains bugs.
If you want to report bug or request feature, please open an issue.


Downloads are currently distributed in Telegram channel and the Freezer website
You might get Play Protect warning - just select install anyway or disable Play Protect - it is because the keys used for signing this app are new.
App not installed error - try different version (arm32/64) or uninstall old version.

Compile from source

Install flutter SDK:
(Optional) Generate keys for release build:

Download source:

git clone
git submodule init 
git submodule update


flutter pub get
flutter build apk

NOTE: You have to use own keys, or build debug using flutter build apk --debug

Telegram group:
Discord server:


Tobs: Beta tester
Xandar: Community manager, helper, tester
Bas Curtiz: Icon, Logo, Banner, Design suggestions
Annexhack: Android Auto help and resources

Huge thanks to all the Crowdin translators and all the contributors to this project <3

just_audio, audio_service

This app depends on modified just_audio and audio_service plugins with Deezer support.
Both plugins were originally written by ryanheise, all credits to him.
Forked versions for Freezer:

Support me

BTC: 14hcr4PGbgqeXd3SoXY9QyJFNpyurgrL9y
ETH: 0xb4D1893195404E1F4b45e5BDA77F202Ac4012288


Freezer was not developed for piracy, but educational and private usage.
It may be illegal to use this in your country!
I am not responsible in any way for the usage of this app.