Freezer for Linux and Windows.
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Free music streaming client for Deezer based on the Deezloader/Deemix "bug".


Binaries are available in:

Telegram channel

Join group:


Requirements: NodeJS 12+

You can build binary using npm script:

npm i 
npm run build

Or manually:

npm i
cd app
npm i 


cd client
npm i 
npm run build
cd ../..

Then you can run server-only using, default port: 10069:

cd app
node main.js

You can build binaries using:

npm run dist


Francesco - design help, tester
Xandar - Community manager, helper, tester
Bas Curtiz - logo
RemixDev - how2deez

Huge thanks to all the Crowdin translators and all the contributors to this project <3

Support me

BTC: 14hcr4PGbgqeXd3SoXY9QyJFNpyurgrL9y ETH: 0xb4D1893195404E1F4b45e5BDA77F202Ac4012288


Freezer was not developed for piracy, but educational and private usage.
It may be illegal to use this in your country!
I am not responsible in any way for the usage of this app.